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   Teo Peter and Costi Camarasan met in one of the home neighborhood parks, Gheorghieni, where dozens of young men from Cluj gathered in the  evening to play the guitar.They became friends and set up Break Group, which fell apart three years later, along with the departure  of each of them in the army.Once "men" returned, Teo and Costi met again and  thought it would be the case to continue their musical career. They have joined the project Marius Luca, Cornel Moldovan and Balacs Laszlo and the name of the band was elected  at the former pub of the Politehnica Cluj students (known as 'The Dean'). It happened in 1977 and the band Compact  became, a few years later, one of the most popular in Romania.They managed to obtain a rehearsal hall at the University Club (Equinox  building) and started to work.In '78 the band played  the whole summer season on the seaside.At the end, the guys signed a contract with the Romanian Agency for Artistic Impresario (ARIA). In '81, Electrecord planned Compact to record the debut album.For a band so young and on top, established in the province, meant enormous. But it wasn't ment to be. At the end of the summer season, the boys have fought for the first time because of the money and shortly the band fell apart.From five two remained: Constantin Camarasan and Teo Peter.Compact had to go on."I noticed Paul Ciuci and Lelut Vasilescu at a show named "Cantarea Romaniei", conducted at the Military Circle from Cluj".At that time they were in the band "Telegraf", in Turzii Plain.I met them again later, in Medias, at a festival and I first thought at them, "confessed Costi Camarasan later.The  "critical" discussion took place in the fall of '81, at a concert which the "Telegraf" helded on the stadium in Turda.Ciuci and Vasilescu  agreed, so that the band "Compact"  began rehearsals in the new formula.

   The great success and the great separation

   In '82 "Compact" printed the first LP, with the band 2005 from Turnu Severin.The national radio station began to broadcast more often the plays and Petre Magdin from TVR has made a first shoot with "the Compacts" on the beach in Costinesti.In '83 they released the first full album "Fata din vis", on which appear compositions signed by both Ciuci and Camarasan.The boys began to spend increasingly more time in the capital.They got a rehearsal room at the University Club in Bucharest, in the same building with the Red and Black, Vali Sterian and Sfinx, the most important names of the moment  in the Romanian music, and in four years they appeared on the market with the great success "Cantec pentru prieteni", album made entirely by Paul Ciuci.It appears that the success was not favorable to the band, because soon after launching "Compact" split in two.From that moment, the old friends roads Teo and Costi separated: Teo started Compact B (from Bucharest) and  Costi Compact C (from Cluj).

   Separate ways

   After the big break in '87, Ciuci left in the United States, but he didn't stayed there too long, returning to Cluj."Three months later I rebuilt the band, with Paul as a vocalist."I also worked on an album "Profetul", but before his release, Ciuci in '92 went to "Sfinx Experience"", remembers Camarasan."Compact C" released three albumes, with Mircea Rusu as a vocalist: "Vin vremuri noi", "Transilvania" and "De la Compact la un alt inceput". After leaving Sfinx Experience, in '97, Ciuci returned to "Compact " but at C and not at B, beside Teo and Lelut."Compact B" brought out before his arrival 2 albums "Cine esti tu oare?" and  a "Best Off". After his return they came out with another 3 albums:"Pe tine te-am ales", "100% Compact" and "5.compact".

Tours abroad

   "Compact" is one of the few bands who participated, before 1989, in abroad touring. The first occured in 1985, in Dresden (photo), in the former East Germany, where took place the most important rock festival made for the Communist bloc countries. "Then we were  2 seconds away  from winning the popularity prize.We didn't knew that this is given according to the audience applause, which were counted and went off the stage. A band from Albania won because at Dresden there were over 600 Albanian students who applauded their favorites with…two seconds longer than us", says Ciuci.
The next exit was in 1986, when "Compact"  played in the USSR and Bulgaria.
   After 1990," Compact" played in the opening of some of the most famous rock bands in the world including "Nazareth".

A new beginning

   After the two tragedies from 2004 and 2005, when Teo Peter and Emil Laghia lost their lives violently, the band members decided that the show must go on.Paul Ciuci, Dan Stetsco, Aurel Vasilescu and Adrian Tinca are those who sings under the title "Compact".The concerts abroad continued.Those of  "Compact" were in a 45 days tour in America.It followed then Canada where they held concerts in front of the Romanians from Toronto and Montreal.The band's success continued also in Germany in Munich, in Spain (where more than 16.000 people waited the songs of these astonishing guys…)then at the invitation of the Romanian Embassy in Cyprus, Paul, Lelut, Adrian and Coco have played in Lymassol, having a total success before the public .
   In 2010, Adrian Kisellef is the new keyboard player Conservator Graduate and accustomed in many concerts in the country and abroad,  Adrian brings a contribution of inspiration and hard work sustained in the success  chemistry of the "Compact".
""Compact" is obviously proceeding!". We are getting ready for a tour that will take place throughout the year 2010.We have many friends that are waiting for us in the whole country"... said the band leader, Paul Ciuci.
   "We stay for now in the four formula. We can't stop here after 25 years of work. We will continue as long as we have strength"

The present

   2005 was a productive year for Compact. In August 2005 they were invited to Brasov to open the extraordinary concert of the band "Europe" and in October the same year the band members left on their first tour overseas in the United States, where they played concerts in the largest U.S. cities: Chicago, Houston, Detroit, Las Vegas and the state of Florida.
   2006 was a very full year - Compact recorded a live album titled "Compact In Concert", then in spring they embarked on a national tour. The first show was held at the National Theatre Bucharest on March 6th, 2006.
   In 2007 Compact shared the same stage with the Scorpions in Sibiu.
At the beginning of 2010 Polymoog was replaced with Adrian Kisselleff - a very young and talented keyboard player.

   At the beginning of 2010, Compact will start a National Tour by the name of "Songs for Friends ". This tour will reach most of the major cities in Romania and will  be extended throughout the entire year.

   We would like to thank all our fans from Romania and abroad for their constant support.

See you soon!

Paul, Coco, Lelut & Adrian